Yusuf reached into his pull-string bag. Felt something in his hand, withdrew it, and looked at what lay in his palm. It was challenging to make sense of the usefulness of a Mask Extender.


At this point, Yusuf has had numerous mask since the start of the pandemic. Since the rule was enforced, everyone can be seen spotting a slew of different colours and designs of masks.


But a Mask Extender? Is it necessary?


You could be right – whatever your answer is.


Thankfully, Yusuf got this because he knows he is supporting a local football fan’s work.

Yusuf regards being loyal to the local cause as a great deal. He decided to dip into his pocket and purchased a mask extender. He bought the mask extender from Cyan Tongue and put the mask extender in his pull-string bag. Later, he packed other kinds of stuff into the bag which he had forgotten about – until now when he felt the mask extender in his hand.


Yusuf imagined how other locals are coping with the pandemic. He knew what it meant: sending resumes, attending interviews, praying to land himself a job, yet only to repeat the process again, then crushingly realising that the job he applied is filled by a foreigner.


Once, his mother told him about the increase in electricity tariffs, about the repeat process after each election. She had chosen otherwise, and then resigned to the fate, how her lot would be, knowing Yusuf can fend for the family – and in the realisation, his mother expresses a smile.


But today, his brother, his sister, a frustrated friend with a roaring temper fueled by a devoting love of local music and the failures in securing a job, had finally woken up while applying for jobs, and their perception had changed forever. Instead of belittling the efforts of locals now, they promised themselves to uplift their fellow locals, and support local endeavours. 


Yusuf looked down at the mask extender staring up at him wherein it could be useless but he wondered how his purchase could have helped that local someone – a local beyond his social circles now perhaps struggling like how he used to and where just like him, is trying to make ends meet.

Mask Extender

  • This extension straps is suitable for both adults and kids.
  • The mask extender is as an extension strap and suitable when using a small face mask.
  • This mask extender is with 2 buttons.
  • Hook the mask on the neck or the back of the head, and free the ears.
  • Main features-stylish design, light weight, environmentally friendly material and easy to clean.