[CLOCK STOPPED] Singapore Premier League – Counting The Days Without Football

I miss football.
I miss football because football season is
more than just watching the game.
Cyan Tongue agrees they are missing
the banter amongst fans.

The time started on 24th March 2020 when FAS announced that the 2020 AIA Singapore Premier League season is suspended. No one expected this. None the wiser. And even when the league finally resumes, there are many hurdles to overcome. Yet all fans know that when the gates are finally open, the whole mood will shift and, yes, fans will be happy.

Football season is seriously the highest time of the year. Cyan Tongue acknowledges they are missing football and the terrace camaraderie with other fans, but says there are more important things to worry about right now. Maybe, you are missing the football season too. And rightfully so. There are many local games worth watching, and it means so much to some.

For some of us, watching football is a passion and a lifestyle. We are itching to be back at the terraces and regain that routine, but the safety of the squad, staff, and players, amidst the COVID-19 is of primary importance.

Cyan Tongue has decided to dedicate this count up clock for fans to view in real-time, the days that have passed without football. Hopefully, this doesn’t go on too much longer.

Emotions run high during the football season, and being a football fan can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster during the games. Making matters worst, the uncertainty of when football will resume has made things doubly difficult. Mix it up with passion and commitment, being a football fan is more than just attending the games, it is about the love of your team.

Watching a football game sees friends and family gather together to share the love of football and watch the events unfold in front of them. But without games and having that banter while sitting and standing together is something many fans are missing. Especially when it comes to big games – the rivalry between fans gets louder, drinks consumed faster, and the love of the game grows larger.

For those who are not accustomed to watching the Singapore Premier League, you are missing out on those day-to-day football kinds of stuff, attending training sessions, and interacting with like-minded fans. There is nothing like that special team cheer and singing team songs at the games to get your blood pumping. For those fans of the SPL, being at the games with their friends makes it more special. You have them to whine at through the bad plays, and you always have someone to celebrate when your team scores.

Yes, you get mad at your team when they miss a sitter, and no matter the wins and losses, you will always be proud of them. And when the season does resume, with 4 points separating the 4th and the 1st positioned team, fans hope that their teams can make a real push for the title. All the teams will have a right good chance of giving it a go to win the league.

First and foremost, for now, though, the most important thing is everyone is safe. Hopefully, the Singapore Premier League season can be up and running, and if it has to be played behind closed doors or whatever the Government and the football authorities think is right to do, then we as fans will go with it. The question is, will you be there when the clock runs out?

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