Out-fanning the critics of the Singapore Premier League

Fans must themselves play their part in promoting the Singapore Premier League (SPL) against the naysayers and the wet-blankets.

Fan or Fans
One Fan Beside Another Fan

The term “out-fanning” is the coinage of Cyan Tongue. It implies getting louder than the critics of the SPL who have nothing good to say about the former but just criticism after criticism after criticism. But honestly, Cyan Tongue owes them a drink. Piss on the rocks, anyone?

I had not personally given up thinking Singapore Premier League had in them a league that is so competitive. If the Lion City Sailors had included a few lethal strikers (please sing the next line to the tune of “Ghostbusters” –

“When a club can’t score,

in the Premier League,

Who you gonna sign?


they might have scored an average of 3 goals per game – to use a native witticism – “ah ah siol!”

Taking hits from the 80s and re-lyricized it aside, the Singapore Premier League performance as a whole can and should be improved. The unexpectedness of results in the SPL added to the bizarre refereeing decision unseen in any planet, shows that SPL brings a schizophrenic quality of football. One that is delightful beyond belief (this is a positive statement). Especially, when referees, allow their incompetencies to dictate how a football match should render their realistic gameplay, then the SPL emerge from the same cesspit to escape into another cesspit!

Which part of our colonised selves will show itself the next season? My prayer is that we go all out to “out-fanning” the critics of the SPL who have nothing good to say about the former but just criticism after criticism after criticism. Win or lose, we will give the colonised mindsets something to think about. Only God knows.

For, let me tell you – supporting the Singapore Premier League do not exist thousand of miles away. It is right here. Home. Some of Singapore’s current players have played in the top leagues around the region, and at least one is in Europe, and he is scoring goals. Not only that – the seven local clubs that played in the 2020 SPL season will only get better, and it is rhetorical even to ask if clubs will improve.

[And I quote,

“will other clubs in the Singapore Premier League benefit from this?

End quote]

The simple answer is yes! A resounding one! And Cyan Tongue is proud to learn that Tampines Rovers FC – after a decade, to be the first local team to compete in Asia’s premier football competition!

Cyan Tongue is a proud Singaporean. Cyan Tongue will like to be the author of three books.

Cyan Tongue’s prediction that either Tampines Rovers FC, Lion City Sailors FC, Geylang International FC, Balestier Khalsa FC, Hougang United FC, Young Lions, or Tanjong Pagar United FC, would win the Singapore Premier League title soon. Don’t know how soon but soon.

Of course, the historical reference to Singapore being a “ “Gibraltar of the East”, a “fortress” “ is dead and buried and the narratives of others shall never determine us. Well, not in the sporting sense at least.

We can invoke the rich flavour of our culinary past and present to demonstrate to the critics of the SPL that before “Spaghetti and Roti John” made its entrance into our palette, our Roti Prata, Nasi Lemak, and WanTon Mee had been delighting our senses.

Cyan Tongue will be out-fanning the critics and differing narratives, to show that we fans are around. What about you?