One Step Front Then One Step Right, Then One Step Back Followed by Another Step Left

Peace is a global marvel. So why aren't we striving for it?

Enjoying peace is not just a great human endeavour, it is also inscribed with much historical, cultural and political importance. Therefore, any attempts to reevaluate this definition should not be defined by a handful of irresponsible imbeciles. In this respect, we do not need any parties to tamper with peace. With the recent global events, peace as we know it has taken a step backwards.

Handful of Peace

The importance of maintaining peace has grown in direct proportion to its ability to become genuinely attainable. Unlike in virtual realms – where you can respawn after each death – peace has managed to give the real growing world a chance to live life. The actual global events that mimic scenes of a free-for-all gaming world are testimony to this. But they don’t respawn after death.

Not in this part of the world, and we are grateful and thankful for this. Grateful that since the founding of modern Singapura, no children of any race, colour, religion or language, here had to suffer death from a missile shot into a densely populated area. Thankful that humans here in Singapura do not monopolise or impose their race, colour, religion, or language on others.

With the Doomsday Clock indicating that humanity is 100 seconds away from destruction, we must hope for a much greater representation of peace. Without a doubt, the world has primarily seen three of the worst pandemic in succession (Covid-19, Covid-20, Covid-21), and we do not know when it will end. We need to find a way to reconcile and accept the differences that we are born with because the real scourge is right in front of us, but we can’t seem to notice it.

Fingerful Peace

Feeling of destruction is not just related to the over-representation of supporters on one side – linked no doubt to the fact that it might have historical baggage – during any heightened confrontation. It is about the question of peace. We are now familiar, heart-wrenchingly, with incidences of complete disregard towards the sanctity of a child. An innocent, defenceless child… This traditionally, however, has only been a characteristic of the… I haven’t tried to make any precise analysis of them, but it feels that there has been a consistent emphasis on their fundamental profile once again.

For the record, Singapura had one event, generally regarded as a racial riot; Malays died; Chinese died. More seriously, no one fired a missile into a densely populated area where innocent and defenceless children are around: yet this is a country which, more or less, even before the composition of our beloved National Anthem, has had practitioners of diverse religion. Why? Is it due to upbringing, or is it related to our race? Rationally then, authorities took everyone a step forward with a strict curfew. (It is widely known, incidentally, that the majority wanted peace than a life that is judged by the race they are born into. Hopefully, this realisation will spread into the minds of many others – that we cannot choose our birth identity.) The “glorious exception” is them, with a majority that decides to silence themselves when a missile is shot into a densely populated area where innocent and defenceless children are around. This is why they have become such a powerful intellect in the fight to promote weapons of mass destruction.

But these incidences won’t stop. There is something calamitous about global peace, namely the overwhelming dominance of each nations’ defence budget in promoting their wares of destruction. Even us? The same cannot be said about some countries. Alas, these countries know the value of peace. The exact opposite of affairs resides in these countries, and of course, peace prevails – yet we can question – for how long?

Defence administration and defence management are regarded as peacemakers, and a peacemaking world judge its own: worse, there is an underlying assumption that these defence administrators and defence managers may be brilliant in their field, but when it comes to leadership and especially in keeping their mouth shut when a missile is shot into a densely populated area where innocent and defenceless children are around – they do it really well! The old rhetoric of prejudices and priorities continue to prevail in many television studios. All the permanent fixtures of narrative are there: and with the occasional advertisement breaking in appearance.

There may be powerful nations and self-entitled races around this world, but keeping silent when a missile is shot into a densely populated area where innocent and defenceless children are around, continue to imbue and shape peace developments. And judging by recent events, peace has…



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