Mental Wellness: Is A Matter Of Life And Death

And this is why the 158th Addendum is going to cover this topic.

In the month of March 2021, one of our friends received news of someone sent to the hospital.

Apparently, he had done something silly.

One of these similar stories has ended in a reckless death, with an impact not just on the deceased’s family but also on friendship's security. The other was a matter of mortality. Someone died. Someone gave birth, and that is that.

Even before the World Health Organisation found the definition of health as “… a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being…” – our elderlies have advised us that mental health and wellness are essential to overall health. Sadly, for some, they tacitly admitted to focusing on the problem when it should be; what is going on well?

True, you have the right over your life when that right is exercisable by you. But what about when your mental health is incapacitated, would you still have that right? It is salubrious to have your overall health rebalanced. Some experts might have tried to come up with phrases, such as ‘subjective wellbeing’, ‘positive mental health’ and ‘mental wellbeing’ but are these terms meant to convince or to confuse? Let’s keep it simple, please.

Those of us who know that someone might need that honest assessment on their mental health, please assure them that mental disorders are highly treatable. We need to emphasise further this message to combat stigma and encourage more to seek treatment.

Our friend is out from the hospital at the time of this writing, and the 158th Addendum wished him a speedy recovery.








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