Keeping Football Fans Engaged (Series) – The Case of the Singapore Premier League (4th Part)


In conclusion, as the Singapore Premier League football teams look to drive more fans to the stadiums and to broaden their fan base, we realized that increasing fan satisfaction is an ever-important factor.

Evidence suggests that the sporting industry is increasingly emphasizing the satisfaction of fans who are interested in personalized experiences[1]. And as this series has attempted to posit, fans who are satisfied will attend more football matches in stadiums.

Fan Bases:

Undeniably, economic aspects greatly influence the activities of football teams in Singapore. Furthermore, without the apparent contest to generate revenue from broadcasting rights, among others, teams are seen to be lackadaisical in this area. However, are we just clutching at straws on issues that are considered non-existence in Singapore?

That is not all. In areas such as merchandising, there seems to be a weak effort in promoting the club’s merchandise through to fans. Cyan Tongue stand corrected, but perhaps football clubs can further their efforts to improve their respective presence in and around their locality.

TSS 1: Lest not forget; it was only this season, in 2020, that we see a Singapore tech firm Sea taking ownership of Home United[2], whose Chairman and Group CEO is one Forrest Li[3], who back in February 2020 was named to the board of the Economic Development Board (EDB)[4], and, who according to the latest Annual Report found on FAS website, is a Council Member in FAS[5].

Nonetheless, Cyan Tongue applauds FAS move towards privatization, and Lion City Sailors FC will be in football fans radar as they set the standard in promoting football fan base in the Singapore Premier League.

TSP 1: It is desirable to study the example and experience of Lion City Sailors on how their performance off the pitch contributes to the overall satisfaction of their fan base. To reiterate this notion, it was pleasing to learn of the news that no wage cuts were imposed for Lion City Sailors amid the Covid-19 pandemic[6].

Fan Satisfaction:

Running a professional football club means managing daily businesses properly and creating a memorable leisure experience diligently for fans. Fans, on the other hand, will assumably attend more games, spend more on clubs’ merchandise, and will achieve higher satisfaction throughout the football season.

Therefore, fan satisfaction is of great importance to the Singapore Premier League in general and the football clubs within the league in particular. The impact of fan satisfaction on desirable behaviors such as an increase in event attendance, intention to return and watch their team play, and loyalty to the sports are well recognized and recorded[7].

Yet, to allow Singapore Premier League to achieve this, the teams and clubs involved must also ensure that they have addressed the basics of fan engagement. Clubs must strive to put a compelling, high-quality team on the field and stadium venues must continue to foster an exciting, energetic environment.

Hence, the ability to understand and manage fan satisfaction and fan engagement is fundamental. Once these fundamentals are acknowledged, the fans will operate in an auto-pilot mode. One in which a particular clubs’ fan persona can be recognized in the stadiums and one in which these fans can identify with.


Ultimately, after all, that is being said, written, discussed, argued, and done, fans are at the topmost tier in the hierarchy of spectator sports.

For clubs that manage to address The Skeletal Proposal (TSPs) mentioned in this series, Cyan Tongue wishes them the best in their endeavor. Remember, their presence in the Singapore Premier League is not just to make up the numbers; they have to participate professionally. And given that satisfied fans’ are essential to a football club, Cyan Tongue hopes The Singapore Situation (TSSs) mentioned in this series, will progress accordingly.

As digitalization continues to elevate, personalize, and connect the elements of an in-stadium experience, the need to keep abreast of these developments is ever critical. Yet, for the clubs and fans alike, the call to cultivate a deeper identity of the Singapore Premier League is theirs to craft and sculpture.

– End –

Final Word:

"Continuous changes involve the challenge of status-quo.

If there is no voice to challenge, then there is no evolution."

Cyan Tongue

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